Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 35 - Calendar-Watching

the latest appointment was nerve-wrecking. we were to see the baby's weight. whether my alternate days fasting had done its job in ensuring the baby is of a good weight to be delivered next week, as planned.

i have been trying to put on some of the baby's weight by consuming loads of milk (almost 3 boxes a day) and yogurt and eggs (if i dont fast. i'll only eat scrambled eggs during the day).

my two bodyguards are always keeping me company.

when i entered the doctor's office, and told her what i've been feeling - contraction, pain in my lower back and top of thighs, she said, that would probably mean the baby have started to go down but let's check to see if i'm right. so i went up on the bed to be scanned. alhamdulillah, the baby's weight shot up from 2.1kg 10 days ago, even exceeding our target 2.5kg and now weighs an estimated 2.7kg. yeay to the milk and eggs. the doctor said, based on this we can target around 2.8 - 2.9kg next week.

so she gave me the admission form and explained what will happen next week. i'm to be admitted after iftar on monday, so that early tuesday morning she can get everything started - pitocin to get the contraction started, epidural, and everything prepped for delivery. hopefully with this early start, the delivery wont be as long as amira's, as i was super tired delivering at 6pm.

for now she wants me to monitor the contraction, monitor any changes, any additional pre-labour signs and just to get ready for monday.

the last of the baby's laundry basket have been cleared. it was really sunny the past week, so i took advantage of the weather and did the load. towels, swaddling blanket, newly-arrived clothes, mittens and her baju raya washed and folded and kept.

i've marinated and froze food (chicken, beef & fish) for me to consume during confinement. i need to regularly top up veggies and potatoes and bread to go along with the frozen items. i've also stocked up on my cereals & milk for the month.

this weekend i'm just concentrating on the hospital and sleepover bags, preparing the baby cot, sterilising the bottles and slowly easing off the Ramadhan meals preparation.

so...just mere hours to go. i'm ready...i think.

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