Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Week 34 - Date's All Set

alhamdulillah. at the appointment today, we locked in the date of the delivery. as soon i sat down at her table, my gynae said...have we settled on 23 june? i was confused, when did we say 23? she said, i dont know...its on my notes. i haggled a bit - 23 june would be too closed to Raya and while i probably would be ok, spending Raya in the hospital, i'm not crazy about the idea of the boys and amira being with only their daddy. and i'm scared of jaundice and the fact that the pediatrician will also be on Raya leave.

so we bargained, i said that week is ok but not to close to raya, she said ok but make sure we hit 36 weeks and the baby reaches a good weight. so 36th week falls on 20 june and i have 2 weeks to up my protein intake so that the baby puts on at least another 400 grams (she weighs 2.1kg at today's check up). i've been asked to fast alternate days from tomorrow til the day of the delivery.

her face can't be clearly seen anymore, unlike the previous check-ups. the doctor said she's parked herself at the entrance but not yet engaged. i guess the sporadic tightening i've been feeling the past 2 weeks have been doing its job. the doctor said, good contractions will push your baby down further, so we're just waiting for those to make their appearances.

other than that, everything looks in order. my BP is normal, i lost a bit of weight because of the 11 days of fasting, tightening is good and should maintain or even increase in the next couple of weeks, the baby looks ready, apart from her weight.

i've settled my stuff today. all toiletries moved downstairs, extra t-shirts bought and kept in the downstairs bedroom, kain batiks and binding wrap washed, confinement toiletries bought and kept.

i'll be spending the next two weeks, monitoring the contractions, maintaining my sahur & iftar preparation for hubby and the boys, doing another load of the baby's clothes and preparing bags (hospital and sleepover bags) for me, hubby and the 5 eai/eas.

i hope i get stay on course with my terawikh and rendang mission and my fasting plans. i really dont want to miss more than necessary as i already would need to give 5 days of fasting a miss, from the delivery date to the last day of Ramadhan. insyaallah, let's hope all goes well.

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