Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 32 - Slowly Getting There

this is probably the final 4-week check up before i start my two-weekly check ups.

the last 4 weeks have been a bit hectic. with packed weekends of Raya shopping and football, packed weekdays of exams, a few public holidays here and there that we used to go out and settle many errands before i put up my white flag and say no more!

i had a bit of wheezing and nightly puffs the past month and i had asked for seretide from my gynae. the wheezing have disappeared and i sleep much better now. well, better if you dont count the times amira kicks and hits my head as she now sleeps on the same pillow as me. bye bye baby cot - you're now serving the new baby, bet amira says that.

the baby's been pretty quite the last couple of weeks. she was extremely active before and i could see every movement she made. but now she's mellowed down and i can only feel her kicks and punches inside my tummy instead of actually seeing them move under my skin.

the baby's growing really well. she's almost filling up the waterbag with a bit of space left for her to grow a bit more the last stretch of weeks. she's not yet engaged but i can feel tightening, particularly when i put my feet up after doing so many things. braxton hicks, the doctor confirmed. she asked if i wanted some meds to ease the contraction but i said, let's just roll with it. if she needs to start practising now, then we'll leave her to it.

and its obviously a she, from the scan that was done at the check up. she could be clearly seen yesterday, her spinc, head, features, arms and legs and everything else. another possible 4D scan...she's really tempting me. she's on the green track as her weight has been increasing per schedule. she weighed 1.8kg at the check up. let's hope she puts on the same every week for the next 4 weeks, then she'll be in the ideal weight area of 2.6kg.

on the home front, i washed 3 loads of baby clothes and put them nicely in the ikea containers i got a couple of months ago. i have just 1 more load for towels, swaddling blankets, cot bedsheet and the mittens i got earlier in the month. i'll probably do them the week before the baby is due.

as for me, i've settled purchasing all the toiletries and postnatal care items that i need. all that's left is just to relax, enjoy Ramadhan and i'll worry about the hospital bag after the next check up.

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