Monday, May 15, 2017

Asyraf the Junior Footballer

its always been our dream to have all boys, all football-crazy, football-loving and most importantly, football-playing boys. alhamdulillah, we got the first part, we got four boys - to nicely conquer each part of the field; a striker, a midfielder, a defender and a winger. well, that's as far as we got actually. amir and asyraf love and are crazy over football, they could play for hours everyday. but ariff and akmal, we're just happy they occasionally mention arsenal or united or leicester or selangor. ok maybe akmal can be groomed to love it a bit more but ariff...forget it!

hubby recently had an opportunity to enter a team into the newly-formed malaysia junior premier football league. he would be ecstatic to have amir and asyraf take part in the 8-month long league and cup games but they only had an under-10 and under-8 league to start with, so it would only have to be asyraf.

so hubby put together a team of 10 boys, which slowly grew to 12 registered boys. these boys played together week in, week out for 8 months. they formed a terrific team, they have excellent camaraderie, they would hang out at each other's houses, they have sleepovers, they are the best of friends. i'm happy asyraf found this group of friends as they are really nice and well-behaved boys.

after 8 monthly, the boys did us proud by finishing third in the league, fourth in the league cup and were the plate runners-up for the fa cup.

asyraf's statistics were something to shout about too, he scored 7 goals, out of the team's 27 goals, and provided 7 assists.

on the last day of the season, the U10 team and their parents convened for lunch at the nearby KFC to celebrate a successful season and to thank the boys for the hard work they put in.

let's hope the team stays together and will win more trophies together, insyaAllah.

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