Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 28 - Getting There

so this was my third check up. cant believe i have only about another 3-4 more.

before the check up today, we paid a visit to the ICU. we prepared a gift basket for the doctors and nurses who took care of my mum during the 4 weeks she was admitted. it was a bit teary, looking at the empty icu bed no 3, where mummy slept up to a week ago.

after seeing the nurses, giving them our thanks and presenting them with the gift basket, i went down to my gynae's clinic while akmal & amira went for lunch with tiza. there was only 2 patients before me and it was a quick half-an-hour before they called my name.

my gynae asked how mummy was as she bumped into us when we were on the way to the ICU on the night mummy passed. i got a bit choked up, especially seeing how similar they were - the tudung, the english, the clothes they were.

then she asked me to lay down on so that we can check the baby. again, this time, the baby was so clear. the features were clear, the body, the bones, the position, all parts of the baby was clear. my gynae asked if i wanted to do another 4D scan as the baby was so clear but since i had one done at the last check up, we decided against it.

the baby now weighs approximately 1.2kg, on track the doctor said. we went through the dates again and the doctor said a week before Raya looks really nice, alhamdulillah, and the upcoming check ups can confirm the date better. hopefully all would go as plan, insyaAllah.

i've started buying a few things. toiletries mostly. and then some bottles, loads of diapers and containers to separate amira and the baby's things.

next month i'll be getting the drawers sorted and doing laundry before fasting month commences, when i would just want to sleep the afternoon away.

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