Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Amira's 18 Months

the day amira turns 18 months is sadly, also the day her grandmother passed away. it was an extremely sad day for our family and it took me a while before i can finally start a post of amira's milestone at 1 & a half years.

the first of her major milestone is her vocabulary and speech. gosh...amira talks a lot! like seriously a lot. she's grasping and throwing out so many words and each word fits the occasion. she's saying 'one more' when she puts on her clothes, she's saying 'tutup' every time she leaves a room - to switch off the fan or lights, she tells us everytime she soils her diaper with a simple 'gross'. of course, she's mastered the 'nanak', 'nak', 'bak', 'tido', 'mamam', 'minyum', 'ok' for months. she's an expert at calling everyone in the family - mummy, dadda, yong, abam, ekkkk and beeeeee. also pappy and zizzaaa for her uncle and auntie.

amira has familiarised herself with body parts. she knows 'eyes', 'nose', 'mulut', 'gigi', 'kaki', 'perut'. she's also familiar with actions - 'smile', 'dance', 'run', 'tido', 'sleep', allahuakbar for pray, bismilliah for prayers before meal.

amira is super close to her brothers. at night she can lie down among them, watching the telly. she's also close to abang's friends who come over every weekend.

amira had a slight sleeping disturbance when she was about to hit her 18th month - sleep regression, its called - but she grew out of it within a week. now she's back at waking at up at 9am, a half-an-hour nap at around 1pm, a 2-hour nap at 3pm, and bedtime is at 10.30pm.

she's only taking one bottle a day, just before her afternoon nap. sometimes she gets a bottle after dinner, especially when her dinner is light. but no more before bedtime as i dont want her to be dependent on a bottle to fall asleep.

amira's trying out some new food these couple of months. she loves raisins and pasta carbonara and flavoured rice - nasi tomato, nasi lemak, nasi butter - in addition to her white rice meals. she loves fruits, she's asking for mangoes and oranges and melons, even strawberries now. when we're at chili's she'll be having a bowl of mac & cheese. amira had a taste of the last lompat tikam her nenny made on abangbee's birthday lunch and she loved it.

i took out her 18-24 months sized outfits and now she's happily showing off her new clothes to her brothers and daddy everytime they come home from school and from work.

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