Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 24 - Passed the Half-way Mark

cant believe i'm already in my 20 plus week and i've only seen my gynae once! usually at this stage i'm already making my fifth or sixth appointment.

anyway, during my second appointment, the baby decided to show her existance clearly...very very clearly. she started making all kinds of moves when the doctor scanned. she was so clear and so close and when she started opening her mouth and moving her hands all over, my gynae and i quickly decided to get a 4D scan as it was rare to see a fetus so clear and so active.

first thing i thought was she looks like ariff. then i thought, no amira!!

ok, i'm not sure if its because i really want her to look like amira or because she really do.

we decided on a date which is good. i'm due 3 weeks after raya and during raya i would be 37 weeks, which looking back at the history of the 5 pregnancies, that's when i would start labour. so no, 37th week is not a good week as everyone would be on a long raya leave - my gynae, my anesthetist, the baby's pediatrician, everyone. so we decided on the week before, the 36th week. and just so happened, the monday of my 36th week was the 19th of the month - the same date as amira. so basically, we put that date down as potential date, insyaAllah.

its getting a bit exciting now dah we've set a date...and that the baby is showing herself to mummy.

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