Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unwell EAI4

its been a while since anyone in the family had come down with anything. looking back, its around this time when one, two or three of us would contract something. i think in the first 3 months of school, only asyraf came down with fever...twice! he was off school two days each time he had a fever but other than that, everyone else was good, alhamdulillah.

that is until akmal came home one day, all weak and warm and the next day, all hot and unmoving. one thing about akmal is that when he gets feverish, its sudden and would escalate quickly and takes a long time to go away. this time it took longer than normal. after a few days of him with high temperature, going up and down, we took him to the nearby clinic for a blood test. dengue was negative and the doctor concluded that it was viral fever.

akmal was off school for a week, only going to agama school in the morning because he had to sit for his exams. we told him he can do repeats but he pushed himself to sit for the exams with his classmates.

after about 10 days, the fever finally went away but he still had a week to finish his medication.

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