Friday, March 10, 2017

Akmal Turns 8

of all the boys, this one still gets overly excited about his birthday. he still does a small little countdown and bugs me for a party and spends weeks deciding on a theme and makes a list of venue for his birthday dinner. i forget he's only 8 sometimes.

akmal had an early birthday celebration in damansara with his uncle the week before his birthday. their birthdays are 4 days apart and we usually have on makan session for both of them - either in damansara or outside at a restaurant.

this year it was for akmal, my brother and syahmi (asyraf's friend and jpl teammate) who followed us to damansara. his birthday falls on the same day as akmal's.

this year, because his birthday falls on a friday, i gave in to his request for a little cake cutting in school. only because its a friday and friday is a short school day. so his countdown begins a month before - countdown to his birthday, countdown a cake with his friends, countdown to his ever-favourite birthday theme - thomas!

preparation for akmal's cake-cutting is pretty easy. for cake, i called salwa from juzcakes, who has made so many of the boys' and amira's cakes. and for favours, i called cuda who has made so many favours and printing and everything else for the boys parties.

the cake and favours were delivered on thursday, the day before the actual day, in time for asyraf to help me assemble them.

amir helped me take the thomas cake to school, after sending asyraf and ariff to agama school, on the day of akmal's birthday. we had to suffer the year 1 asking whose cake it was for 30 minutes before akmal's class finally came down to the canteen.

needless to say, his classmates were excited seeing the cake and the favours and the mini milo pack and could not wait for their teacher to come to join in the birthday-song-singing and cake-cutting.

this little girl had a little too much fun in abangbee's school, though...

the next day we had our own family birthday lunch at our favourite chili's.

akmal's really a wonderful boy. he listens, he's helpful, he's funny and bubbly, he's still a baby but is showing some maturity, he gets moody and angry and can be a handul at times, but he gets out of that quickly and gets back to his funny and bubbly baby-self in no time.

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