Friday, February 24, 2017

Amir's SRA Journey

our decision to enrol amir in agama school came late, roughly around november, december before he entered year 1. we were a bit sceptical of him being able to undertake the workload. we know amir, his love of playing overides his love of studying. will he be able to handle two schools with the increasing number of syllabus and shorter hours and our intention of getting him more active in football?

but after a lot of thinking, mainly that he'll be in transit before school commences in the afternoon, not really doing much, we thought amir in agama school wont be so bad. the hours are manageable, the syllabus not too burdening, reading the quran is a must so we don't really need to look for other teachers.

alhamdulillah, he's had a wonderful, fruitful journey in agama school. he received a few honours while he was there. he was the class monitor when he was in year 2. he was made a prefect, late year 2 and held on to the role until year 5.

he represented the school for 4 years, from year 2 to year 5, in kemahiran amal islami, the first two year in arabic dialogue, muhawarrah, then in arabic choral speaking and finally in nasyid. he went all the way to district level in year 3.

amir participated in a couple of motivational camps in agama school and many educational sleepovers in school. he's bonded with his classmates during school hours and after school, playing football. he's also bonded with the teachers, playing football occasionally with them.

the decision to take him out of agama school also came late, november of his fifth year. it was not an easy decision to make. taking him out of the school that has invested so much in him, taking him away from the friends he made (as some are not in the same primary school), taking him away from the extra-curricular activities he loves.

but our decision was made, finally, when we found out the school's year 5 students will sit for upkk exam for the first time in the school's history. at least, if amir were to leave school after year 5, he still would have sat for a big examination under the school's badge and have a certification from an agama school that may assist him in his secondary school application.

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