Thursday, February 09, 2017

Amira is 15 months

amira turned 15 months 2 weeks ago. she turned into a hyper 15 month old, very very hyper. amira climbs. she climbs every single thing. she climbs up stools, she climbs up chairs, she climbs up laundry baskets, she climbs up bedside table, she climbs up beds, she climbs up tv cabinets. and then she falls and bruise and cries. she is one hyper and brave girl - and mummy's tired. she's also climbing up the stairs now and that is super tiring.

amira is busy running nowadays. she's passed walking and runs everywhere. again...falls and cries everywhere. she loves her evening walkabout (or runs) with her brothers outside but we try to limit that as she'd be too tired and whines a lot at night.

amira talks a lot! a whole lot. she used to go maa and miii. but not she can interchange all vowels in one go - aa and iii and uuu. she started with 'piyaaa piyaaa', we were surprised with her 2 vowels change. then it just went uphill and non-stop. and now she can converse with everyone. she's grasp the 'no', 'dah', 'tak', 'ok' concept and when to use them or more accurately, when to reply to them.

amira had her 4th and final pneumococcal jab recently. i thought it was a pneumococcal + second mmr jab (mmr is given twice now to follow moh's directory) but her second mmr will only be given when she turns 18 months.

amira now takes only 1 day time nap, in the afternoon around 2pm - 5pm. she used to wake up around 8am, take her morning nap around 11am and then another at 3pm. but that changed recently. there was one incident when she woke up when i was doing household chores in the morning and i found her crying (for don't know how long) in the room. from then on, we would take her downstairs from the room very early in the morning and let her continue her sleep in her cot while i do my chores. she would sleep till around 10am and forego her late morning naps.

amira's eating loads of food now. pasta and rice is her favourite. bread is her on the go meals and she loves her occasional cookies and chocolates. she takes her formula twice a day, sometimes three but usually twice before her naps. she loves a tumbler of plain water after her meals. she's also experimenting with fruits, she loves bananas, apples, oranges.

we recently turned her car seat front-facing. i wanted to wait till she was 2 years old but she wanted to see me when i was driving so i moved it around.

amira's favourite tv shows are teletubbies and mickey mouse. she also loves sofia the first but teletubbies is her favourite.

i took amira for a baby spa session recently - massage and swim. she loves it so much, i'm planning to take her every month for a relaxing session. if only i get to do for me too.

amira is a happy toddler and we're so happy to see her to see her smiles and hear her laughter every day.

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