Friday, December 30, 2016

School Year 2017 Prep

this school year flew by real fast. even akmal's been mumbling...i can't believe i will be in year 2. there'll be significant changes next year. more in morning session hence the need for bigger lunch. one off agama school to concentrate on his big year 6 exam. one made a prefect and will be sitting for his first big exam. one will, by hook or by crook, be forced to be more active in school activities.

there'll be less uniform to be bought for next year. agama school uniforms can be recycled, and less by 4 sets (because its 4 sets per eai). as usual, i dont buy sk pants unless necessary. so it'll be mainly sk white shirts that we need to get - with that comes the badges and name tags that i so very detest.

i took a trip to 1utama in the last week of school to grab the boys' uniform and socks. its a short shopping trip. most items already in the trolley waiting for hubby to finish work and settle payment.

i went on a quick stationery replenishing trip at a nearby bookstore when the boys were in school. just the normal erasers, boxes of pencils, colour pencils, scissors, a couple of pencil cases (as 2 eais can use their current ones), magic colours, crayons to share, A4 paper for me and label printer paper for the many, many books i would need to label.

the boys bought their school shoes, compliments of nenny, in the second week of school holidays.

they had a lot of books last year, text books, activity books & exercise books. before starting on next year's books, i had to clear this year's stack of books first. the text books were returned to both schools in november. i'm left with activity and exercise books. those filled 3 garbage bags and we sent all 3 bags to a nearby recycling centre. once the boys' study table were cleared, i could focus on their books for next year.

before i sat down to look at their school books, i took advantage of the rare december sunny days and washed the boys' school bags. we wont be getting new bags this year as all their bags are still in very good condition.

they received their text books before the end of the school year. i absolutely hate wrapping books and took my time doing them. i spent a bit of time everyday for 5 days to wrap almost 50 text books.

i only bought activity books towards the end of the school holidays, after our year-end holiday. i know i wasn't going to wrap them before the trip and seeing them all stacked up would be an eyesore, so no point getting them early on.

i'm so glad there's no need for me to stay on in school the first week and no more orientation for me to attend. yeay!


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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