Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy First Amira

she's a year old. three hundred and sixty six days of her enchanting us with her presence. amira is too sweet and most definitely the princess in the family.

its been a year full of ups and downs. the main down is our tiredness and our lack of sleep (initially, on a daily basis and, later on, occasionally). she was not a good sleeper for the first 3, 4 months and then she just totally changed, alhamdulillah. the initial period was horrible to say the least. i was left with headaches and migraines and mood swings because when she was awake, i was awake. first it was hourly, then her sleep would stretch to two hours, then her sleeptime grew longer and longer until she was on a 12-hour sleep a night. allahu akbar. when that happened for the first time, i just about cried tears of joy.

now amira's just a joy when it comes to sleep. she's a creature of habit, she winds down for an hour after bath, starts showing her tiredness, gets her bottle and goes into her zone. she wakes up after i have settled my first batch of house chores; laundry, ironing, cleaning the kitchen, preparing food for lunch & dinner and of course after i have had my breakfast and cup of coffee.

another huge love of mine is amira's appetite. babies of course just eat and sleep (and whines and cries somewhere in between). aside form the choking incident i unfortunately experienced, and then the refusal of rice porridge, amira's been an angel when it comes to food. she loves eating. she screams in delight when she sees her bowl and cath kidston spoon. she goes into hyperdrive when we recite the prayer before mealtime begins. she loves her puree (its still puree for her but chunkier puree) but she's starting to take our meals too - bread when we have breakfast, pasta for dinner, fries or to be accurate, the insides of fries. she demands to be fed when she's in her high chair next to our table even if she just had a big bowl of pasta, chicken and peas. i'm looking out for snacks for her next.

amira brings tons and tons of joy to her brothers. the boys were so close in age that they never experienced having a baby in the house. now everything is 'why does a baby do this' and 'why does a baby do that'. amira is actually close to her brothers' friends as well. she squeals in delight when she sees familiar faces of her brothers' friends, especially those who come over to our house often. for her brothers, she has the biggest smile, she bounces up and down when she sees them in the morning, she gives them a big wave when they leave for school, she talks to them non-stop when she's in the car with them.

speaking of in the car, amira's still rear-facing. usually about this time, i'd move the car seat around so that the boys face forward. i cant really recall why maybe because the younger one arrived and wanted to use the baby carrier therefore the older one had to move to toddler seats. i donno, i cant remember. but amira's still happily rear-facing and i plan to maintain that position till she's 24 months, or at least, 18 months. that's my aim and i hope i can keep to it.

amira knows so many words now. she knew mama dada no cat susu, the normal simple words. now she's familiar with abangs, sophie, jom, habis, sleep. she also immitates us when we use the words. she's making cat sounds, grr sounds for the dinosaur that she's scared off, eeee when she sees sophie.

i hope for the next few months as amira slowly transitions into the world of toddlerhood that she would maintain her sleep & naptime, that she would maintain her appetitie and aceept new food (time for me to google some recipes), that she would stay her lovely, jovial, happy self and that she would kick the habit of putting everything in her mouth!

for amira's birthday, which is also hubby's birthday. we went for dinner nearby. it was a last minute decision. the boys were still having exams (science exam was the day after!). we were having those 'should we, should we' question. but we decided to go anyway and chose red lobster as the venue - a voucher i received earlier during the day was somewhat the deciding factor.

red lobster was so-so. food was good, hubby loved the prawn nachos, the boys loved the crab but the price were exorbitant. cost us double what we usually spend at chili's, with drinks!

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