Monday, August 22, 2016

Ten Months Old Little Amira

its more of my age catching up with me than amira's age. i cant remember what amira accomplishes, i cant remember how old she is most of the time. alhamdulillah, my little miss pacak turned the big ol' 10 months in august.

tiza sent over a high chair for amira to use. she used to sit in her baby snug but its a bit chunky to put at the dining bench. she would alternate between the high chair and her jumperoo. fast dinner means the high chair, a slower one means her jumperoo. plus the ipad for her nursery rhymes. she's loving it because she gets to join us at the dinner table and nag at the brothers who talk non-stop *sigh*

amira was bitten by a big recently. she had a bump on her right eye lid. because she's a baby, we didnt do anything to it, just hoped and prayed it would shrink and go away. it did but not fully. after about 3 weeks, i finally took her to the opthtalmologist we're familiar with at dsh. she diagnosed chalazion (amir had it twice 3-4 years ago) and prescribed antibiotic eye drops to try for a week and told us to use a warm compress to clear the blocked oil glands. after a week, some went away but there was still a bump visible when amira closed her eyes. i was worried, not ready to wheel her into the ot at 9 months. neither was the doctor who told us to continue the eye drops and warm compress until it goes away fully. alhamdulillah a week after that, amira's eye lid was back to normal.

away from the depressing eye bump, 10 months (because she's a bit smaller than the average american size) means amira can now wear the many, many 9-months sized clothes i got for her. yeay! i'm super excited, i took the 9-12 mths, 12 mths clothes from the box, did a whole lot of laundry and packed packed the 6mths clothes off. all except her  pajamas because she still fit them. next on the shopping list would be new pajamas for her.

amira is a playful little girl. she plays with her brothers, she plays with the cats. she would make meowing sounds when she sees the car (well, something that sounds like meow, at least). she would have the biggest smile when she wakes up and sees her brothers, or when they come home from school.

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