Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016

eid this year is super hectic compared to previous years. it fell during mid-week so i closed my kitchen early. no cooking for iftar and sahur from the weekend for me to mentally and physically prepare for my rendang and other raya dishes. haha...yes, it takes that long to prepare a day's meal.

i started cooking on the last day of ramadhan. hubby wanted his rendang for iftar. to go with that i made pulut kuning and hubby bought lemang. so for iftar to close ramadhan, we had a really, really heavy meal.

while i prepared the food, the boys helped me clean the house. after iftar, as the boys played fire crackers outside, i prepared half of my raya morning dishes, which is to be nasi tomato, ayam masak merah and dalca sayur.

i continued after subuh on raya day together with instant nasi himpit and kuah kacang. quite a bit but well, its once a year, isnt it.

on raya morning, hubby, amir and asyraf woke up early, had some rendang and lemang for breakfast before going to the mosque. quite a lot of their friends at the most that morning. i set the table with our raya morning dishes and got amira, ariff and akmal ready. when hubby and the boys came home we had our usual raya photo taking.

we went to damansara around lunchtime and stayed a couple of hours before hubby received calls that his friends wanted to come visiting. that went on until maghrib, before we freshened up a bit and went out visiting. we came home around 10pm, tired but had a wonderful eid with family and friends.

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