Friday, July 22, 2016

Amira Turns Nine Months Old

my baby's 9 months old! three quarters of her first year flew by. time to start planning her one year old birthday party.

last month amira was pushing up and standing in her cot, this month she's pushing up and standing everywhere. whenever she encounter a while crawling, she stop and push her body up and continue standing. she has not started to step yet, her feet is not flat on the ground just yet. she's more of testing her balance, feeling the floor with her feet, getting comfortable.

amira is holding her own bottle now. i still stand near her when she's with her bottle. sometimes she falls asleep with the bottle, especially when she's so tired, so being around her would ensure she's safe and she finishes her bottle.

amira celebrated her first raya with us recently. while amir suggested the family theme colour, everything actually depended on amira. whether there is baju in the theme colour in her size. lucky for amir, there was. it was a bit big for her (i thought i measured correctly, oh well) but it wasnt that obvious. she was either being carried or on the floor crawling or napping, so a slightly-big baju kurung wasnt very noticeable. and then of course, amira ended up with 2 more baju kurungs, just for fun.

raya is also the time when i took out amira's dressses from the wardrobe.

during fasting month she was wonderful. she did not wake up at all, not when i woke up, not when hubby woke up. she continued sleeping while we had our sahur and went back to sleep after subuh. she was also great when i fasted in syawal. i had my sahur in the room and she did not budge a single inch at the noises i made at 5am! not only that, she continued sleeping until around 8.30 - 9am, so i get to sleep in a bit after the boys left for school. thank you baby girl :)

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