Sunday, July 03, 2016

Amira is Eight Months Old

time flies so fast. i sometimes forget how old amira is.

she's showing so many developments this month. she started crawling this month. it was very quick and sudden. she didn't practice at all. it was just, one fine day, the boys put her sitting down on the floor, sat a few steps away from her and she just…crawled. it was a big deal to them, as she crawled to them. and because they've been waiting to see her crawl.

since then she's been crawling here and there and everywhere. and picking up things on the way - threads, tissue papers, papers, toys, dust and the dreaded flu! she's been with the sniffles on and off since she started crawling. even more so when she's crawling at the tv room. the carpet there is probably the worse of the lot with the cats making it their territory. we need to cover the carpets with bedsheets all the time. reminds me why we don't have carpets when the boys were younger.

amira's also changing her eating habits. because she'ss mobile now, i want her to let go her hate of porridge and eat more of them. i tried with plain chicken porridge first. she hated it. i added veggies. she still hated it. it took me days to get her to move on from pureed fruits and veggies, but she refuses. amira's not difficult when it comes to food, so to face this was stressful.

then i thought, fine…let's fool her. so i made some chicken porridge. blended it, i think she's not fond of textures. put it in a tupperware. then i prepared her puree per normal. 2-3 portions now. and put a spoonful or two of the porridge. instead of porridge being the main, the puree was the main. and it worked! she ate it with absolutely no fuss. its been a couple of weeks and i've increased to three to four spoons of porridge. her favourite is peas & pumpkins with chicken porridge and sweet potato & carrots with chicken porridge. alhamdulillah, she's eating good now.

she's getting snacks now, she loves heinz biscuits. she could eat 2-3 of them while we have our dinner. its easier to hold than farley's rusks. she's also getting plain water wash down now. after her meals and after her snacks, she'll take a few spoons of plain water to clear her mouth and throat.

amira's finally grown her first tooth. awwww its so beautiful to see her little teeth making an appearance. her brothers grew theirs when they were around 6 months old (except amir of course, who was born with a tooth) so i've been patiently waiting for amira to grow hers. alhamdulillah, it finally cut her gums as she turned 8 months old.

amira's also pushing her body up to standing position when in her cot. insyaAllah soon, she'll be cruising and taking her first step. sobs…ok, not too sure how i feel about that.

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