Monday, May 30, 2016

The Lunch Boxes Journey - April & May 2016

i think i lost my lunch box preparation touch a bit at this juncture. everything seems so bland and boring. april was still ok but may was tough. for two and a half weeks in may, the boys had exams. they brought smaller bags to school. they refused to bring their lunch bags. therefore, refused lunch boxes. so lunch money it is then. so lunch boxes journey hit a bump.

that, plus the thought of a two-week holiday and then the fasting month, not only were the boys not all psyched up about lunch boxes, neither was i. gosh...i really hope this feeling goes away soon. i'm not liking this lunch money business at all.

april was a good month...lunch boxes going strong although hubby stepped off the journey quarter-way. he was getting a bit lazy in preparing his side dishes (kinda obvious seeing the empty parts of his tupperware).

i persevered and continued to prepare for the morning school. sometimes the boys welcomed their food sometimes they would ask for lunch money. somewhere along the way, four lunch boxes became three and then two. ariff and akmal would opt for no-food break. for agama school, i'm ok with that particularly because the hours are shorter and they would have time for a bigger meal when they come home.

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