Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Amira Is Five Months

if amira surprised us with her development when she was four months old, she's got more up her sleeves as she turns five months. all of the sudden she laughs out loud, all of the sudden she babbles for hours, all of the sudden she's giving out precious smiles.

amira's most obvious motor development is her grasping. initially it took her a bit of an effort to reach our her arms but now she's quick to pull out and grasp things that is put in front of her, mainly small towels, her doll and abangbee's baby jaguar.

she's also fond of grabbing her feet. whenever she's laying on her back, she's bring up her feet and her hands would automatically grab them. soon she would start pulling them towards her face.

she is also slowly turning her body, indicating the start of rolling over. she rolled halfway and would be on her side quite often. the next step would be a complete roll over from her back to her stomach.

amira's more patient now. she can wait a bit for her bottle before her full-blown screams. she can wait a bit while i run around before screaming out she wants to be carried or she wants some attention or she's bored of being alone. more waiting and less outbursts.

night feeding is still one per night. i'm hanging on to dear life sometimes. i'm tired and i need my sleep. only the thought of it being just another month before she starts weaning and hopefully, oh please please please, doing away with night feed, keeps me going.

amira loves bath time. as soon as i step into the bathroom with her, she'll be all smiles and jumping in my arms. she's filling her tub well, there's no space for her to lie down anymore.

she's only put on a bit despite how it looks. she's now 5.5kg, only 3kg above her birth weight. despite being small and only 5 months old, she's starting to wear some 6 months old clothes. especially dresses and skirts. maybe due to the cut. time to stock up on those lovely dresses…yeay!!

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