Thursday, February 04, 2016

Flu Season

the flu bug attacked the household last week. it started with ariff and akmal and me, we were talking in very nasally voices for a couple of days and went to the clinic as soon as the weekend came. we were prescribed flu medication (zyrtec) and akmal given cough mixture and i was given prednisone. i think the three of us spent the weekend either sleeping to groggily awake.

as we were getting better, asyraf started coughing. hubby took him to the clinic and he was worse than the three of us. he was given antibiotic, stronger cough mixture and more zyrtec. amira started showing a bit of flush symptoms and hubby took her too. she was given piriton and nasal spray.

asyraf was all better within a couple of days but amira's flu took turn for the worse. her nose are always runny and blocked at night, full of crispies in the morning. amira had an appointment with her pediatrician for an immunisation this week so i put off plans to take her to the clinic for a second visit and waited to meet dr azizi instead.

as the doctor was examining amir's growth and development, i told him about her flu and that i have noticed she had discharge from her eyes, which i'm guessing is from her flu. the doctor asked us to stop administering piriton and told us to stick to sprays instead. he gave her more nasal spray, and nose drops and eye drops.

a day after the visit to the pediatrician, amira was getting a bit warm and was sporting a 38c temperature. i called dr azizi's clinic but we were uncertain whether the fever was due to the flu and eye infection or because she was reacting to the pneumococcal immunisation. so we decided to monitor her for a day or two, if the fever gets worse or if we're not happy with her, generally, to bring her in for the doctor to look at her.

alhamdulillah, by night time, amir's temperature was back to normal. her eyes were also much better, there was no more discharge. only the flu is there, albeit slightly, and she's coughing a bit but she's doing pretty well.

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