Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Amira is Four Months

amira changed as she turned four months. she was a crying, moody, fussy baby (aka asyraf's sister) and became a talkative, laughing, giggling baby (aka amir's sister). now she laughs and talks and giggles all the time. she has her schedule, she stays on schedule and she's not scared to let the world know its time to change her activity (aka akmal's sister).

the schedule bit is what i absolutely love about amira. of course, the other things too but her 'on-schedule' attribute helps a lot in this household. i know what time she'll be up, what time she needs her nap, what time she needs a bottle, what time she has a night feeding, and it plays a major role in my well-being and sanity to last throughout the day.

at the moment, amira's on 5-bottle feeds a day, each feed roughly around 6oz. i'm a bit cheesed off that she's skipping her breakfast feed right now, she prefers a lie in in the morning because it shows that she can stay off the bottle for around 7-8 hours. if only she does that at night instead of in the morning, then at least i can get a good night's sleep. having said that, one nightly feed is better than many, many wake up cries.

she's put on a bit of weight and have grown quite a bit. the bath tub is getting a bit snug, the changing table too. she still looks a bit small in the cot and stroller and car seat.

amira's easy to bring out. she prefers the baby wrap than the stroller and would only settle for her stroller when she's napping. its alright though because we prefer no-stroller outings now too. she's pretty good to join us on our movie outings, lunch outings, quick stop to grab some things at the mall, weddings, birthday parties and of course the grocery shopping trips. she stays quiet in the wrap, sometimes falling asleep, other times looking around to see the sights and sounds.

she's on track with her immunization. just a bit more and we're all set with the monthly ones and will move on longer gaps. driving to the hospital and the government clinic around the boys' school schedules is taking a toll on me. i feel like i'm rushing from one place to another and being stuck in the jam does not help.

amira fell a little under the weather after her pneumococcal jab earlier in the month. i was a bit unsure whether it was that or because her brothers were all having cough and flu, one after another, but she joined in the fun with her own bout of fever and flu. alhamdulillah it only lasted a couple of days and she was back to her jovial self soon after.

amira loves the tv. its my babysitter when i have chores to do - ironing, cooking, simple cleaning, up after the boys.

amira's neck and back are strong now. she can sit for while in her babysnug, watching us have our meals, watching her brothers do their homework. soon she'll be with us at the dining table. got to read up on recipes for her first meals soon.

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