Friday, January 08, 2016

New School Year 2016

a new phase for the family this year. we'll have four in primary school. means four times the books to be wrapped, four times the stressful white uniforms to be ironed and watched as they become non-white, four times the exams, four times the heavy books, four times the torturous schedules, four times the derma for classes.

i registered akmal for his year one class in september, he was the first in the list and first in class 1. yeah kiasu me. well, not really, there was just no queue. ever since then it was me trying to get him motivated to enter primary school and leave the protected kindy life.

akmal had his orientation the week before school officially began. hubby took him to school, all decked in his pristine white uniform (which lasted until 11am when hubby bought him a glass of milo). then they went to agama school to pay the registration fees and pick-up text books.

he was pretty happy with his new journey. still anxious and scared, i know, but he saw a number of his friends and was comforted by that, at least. he's trying to psych himself up, saying the school looks nice, the school looks big, the teachers look friendly. ok, we know differently based on past experiences.

the first day of school is expected to be hectic. with my little baby in school, i planned to be spending more time than i have spent previously - and even that's a lot. yes i predict it would be hectic.

and hectic it was. we sent the boys to two schools. we queued to pay fees. we went home. we picked up from agama school. we sent to primary school. we picked up form primary school. we queued tpay fees again. we ran back to primary school for akmal's recess. we went home. we went back to pick up from primary school. and all the time carrying amira. for a total of 12 hours.

by the time the day came to a close everyone was knackered. amira had her bottle half asleep that night. but we're ever so grateful that she made it through the day with minimum fuss, alhamdulillah.

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