Thursday, January 21, 2016

Amira Turns Three Months

amira turned three months in a blink of an eye. maybe because the first half of the month was devoted to akmal's primary school journey. by the time his orientation ended (complete with changing classes, getting text books, activity books, settling documentation and other admin matters) it was already the third week of the month and amir's getting close to passing her 100 days mark.

amira continues to be easy at night. her sleeping pattern remains constant - last feed at 10pm, first feed at 5am, 6am, 7am. she continues to sleep while i slave in the kitchen preparing the boys' lunch boxes and wakes up when i'm about to send the boys to school. once the first school round is done, she comes home and sleep while i have a quiet but quick breakfast. then its her bath time and a bit of morning activity before she takes her first nap (cut short for the second school round).

amira continues her nap at home until its time for the third school round, waking for a feed before we leave for school. afternoon is reserved for her longest nap and she's woken up before the last school round for the day. then she alternate between feeding, crying, screaming, fussing, shouting, kicking and napping.

night time is quiet for amira. she's rocked in her rocker while we have our dinner and clean the kitchen. then she's given her night bath (sometimes before our dinner, sometimes after). and she plays with her brothers before she starts kicking and screaming indicating she's had enough and wants to be left alone. sometimes she takes a quiet time in her rocker for about 10-20 minutes, sometimes she stays awake until her last feed.

amira's had her initial rotavirus, pneumococcal and triple antigen shots. a bit tiresome and troublesome to have to visit two different places for those but its for her own good. its easy enough to bring her out. we prepare a couple of diapers, a pack of baby wipes and an empty bottle. we rarely go out longer than 3 hours and she needs only one feed in that time frame.

amira's passing a lot of milestones recently. she's holding her head up high now. she's more comfortable on her stomach during the day but sleeps on her back at night. she doesn't want to lie down, which is why she prefers the baby wrap than the stroller. she wants to see the world, this girl.

amira caught her first flu bug recently. the whole house was down with cough and flu and it was a matter of time before she caught it. alhamdulillah, it was a short spell. she was a bit moody the first couple of days. once she was prescribed the flu meds and the nasal spray she was better except for the runny nose.

she's a bit irritating with her screams and shouts and forced anger but hey, if that balances the sleeping through the night, i'd gladly take the screams.

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