Monday, December 21, 2015

Year-End School Holidays 2015

this year's year-end school holidays feels somewhat fast yet slow. initially, with me still in confinement, able to do some things, unable to do others, it was not so easy. i needed some time to myself and amira as she was still clingy and fussy and drinks every 2-3 hours. the only was to get that was to find activities for the boys.

i enrolled asyraf and ariff into a school holiday programme at the nearby mosque. hubby sends them every morning, i would pick them up every evening. by that time, i could drive, limited to nearby places but still…could drive. amir goes for tuition 3 times a week. so i'm at home with akmal and amira. akmal's very independent. give akmal thomas and his friends and he's occupied the whole day. he's easy to handle. amir for half a day, is so so. he still disturbs akmal when he's bored but with no other brothers to back him up, akmal has to be his ally, so the disturbing is toned down by a lot.

this went on for the first three weeks of the school holidays. once the programme at the mosque concludes, i find myself concluding my confinement as well. so i'm more active and able to run around with the boys. i spent most of the time, post-confinement, preparing for the upcoming school year. there's books to be wrapped, bags to be bought, uniforms to be ironed, name tags to be sewn, shoes to be washed, stationeries to sorted. i felt like this year, the list became longer and time became shorter. its almost the end of the december and there's still so many things pending.

mental note to get everything done way ahead of time next year. by the first week of december, everything has to be all in order so that i can enjoy the school holidays too!

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