Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Asyraf is Nine

i feel bad for asyraf on his birthday this year. its been a turmoil of a year for me and asyraf. he's been my target during my pregnancy. nothing he did was ever ok with me. he was too irritating, too noisy, too loud, too in the way, just too there. i couldn't stand the sight of him and could get angry at him just by looking at him. once i gave birth, however, like in the exact hour, the feeling all went away. i wish i could turn back the 9 months and take back how i treated him.

his birthday came when i was still in confinement. i was tired and cranky and not up to having anything or doing anything. poor asyraf. he had a great celebration last year, he wasn't expecting another this year but i guess he didn't expect this low-key of a day either.

dinner was planned, of course, as with other birthdays in this household. but other than that, no one really did anything. he got cards from his siblings, but that was after he asked for them. he got simple wishes from all of us before we all went back to our daily routine - me with amira, the boys with their thomas and hot wheels and the tv. the birthday boy spent the whole day in front of his ps3. asyraf also did not get his birthday present on his birthday - blame the father for that.

unfortunately, dinner plans did not materialize. it was raining heavily, coupled with it being a friday, we were not up to leaving the area. we went for a quick arabic dinner nearby. we made it up to asyraf with a birthday lunch the next day, after his morning football. surprise, surprise, his bff was also at the restaurant so guess that's good for asyraf.

happy birthday abang…may there be less dirtiness, less crying, less hogging of the remote control, less falling asleep in front of the telly, less screaming and jumping for no reason, less losing your stationeries, less losing your spectacles. and hope you get your present soon…

alhamdulillah, asyraf's biggest accomplishment this year, is finally being able to ride a two-wheel bicycle…

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