Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 28 - Will It Be 'I' or 'S'?

this week's check up was much calmer than the previous one. i brought asyraf and ariff again, skipping agama school again. we left the house pretty early considering. the traffic was smooth and we got to dsh in 25minutes. getting a parking space was another story, unfortunately. the valet service was full, outside was full, inside was full. we had to make 13 rounds (asyraf kept track) before i decided to park right in front of the parking attendant's booth and wait for cars inside to come out. taking pity on us, the parking attendant lifted the barrier and asked us to look for a space. alhamdulillah as soon as we drove in, a car came out. phew…and right in front of the door too. ok, just another 2 weekday check ups before we move on to saturday appointments and me not driving.

i went in to put my name in the queue, i was 6th in line, before going to grab food and drinks for me and the boys. we had to wait less than an hour before my name was called. the boys settled themselves on the couch (after stern warning from me not to run around the doctor's office) and the doctor proceeded to ask how the past month have been. alhamdulillah, all's good on my part except for a bit of sniffles, which she prescribed antihistamine for.

she asked me to lay down for the scan and asked if we've established the gender of the baby. i told her, the last we talked about gender (which was 3 months ago) she said high possibility it was a girl. we didn't go into gender discussion again after that as the baby was either facing the other way or there were complications. she checked and said, ok number 5 is a girl. and i went into immediate depression after that. i really, really wanted (still do) a boy. i had names all picked out, clothes all bought. but alas…we can only pray and plan, the final say is up to Him. it's going take me a while to accept this.

she proceeded with the scan. the said, placenta have moved up. the area have stretched and placenta moved with it. while i can rest easy now, i should still be aware and be concerned of bleeding, discomfort and anything out of the norm. she says, like the previous pregnancies, my stomach is like a ball, right in front. i don't carry anything on my sides, i carry everything in front. a maternity belt is necessary at this point. gravity is also distorted (i remember feeling almost falling down the escalator once) and pressure is all on my pelvic which i am already feeling especially when i get into the car - soon it will be time to change cars with hubby. i think, if i'm not mistaken, its called symphisitis pubis, i can't read the doctor's writing.

other than that, everything looks fine and on track. the baby weighs 1.2kg, a good weight for a 28-week-old baby. she estimate late-ish october for the delivery (based on size and history) but again, He sets the plan. so that's about 10 weeks left for me to prepare for delivery. there's still loads to do as we have not started on anything. i got to start my list now, can't believe i have started.

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