Friday, October 02, 2015

School Year 2016

yes, i started early. there's 2 more months of school this year and i'm already ticking off the list for next year bit by bit.

first is stationeries. went with my sister to becon. they had a whole wide range of stuff and i didn't know where to begin. i joined their membership to get some ker-ching off already not-to-bad prices. i managed to almost everything for the boys. i didn't like their pencil case range but i think they can recycle theirs from this year, especially for agama school. but essentially, everything else was bought today.

they're all kept safely until december when i will finally take them out of the plastic casings and give them out to the boys.

if we do go out in the next couple of weeks, we'd probably get school bags for ariff and akmal. amir and asyraf's bags are still in very good condition - well, asyraf had promise to hold on to his arsenal bag till he's in year 6 so that's one down. i also need some lunch bags, especially for akmal and ariff.

then it'll be the uniform. which would be from one place and by hubby, not me, yeay. and then the shoes, also by hubby, not me. and then to sew on name tags and badges. and errr…that's about it, i guess. i hope adidas would be having another factory sale soon because i want to get their water tumblers. i really like those the best.

i like planning ahead. it saves a whole lot of energy and time and frustration.

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