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Engku Amira Syireen - The Baby

Arabic Meaning: 

The name Amira is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Amira is:Princess


Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate

amira's name was actually put up for voting. her brothers were asked to choose and rank 6 names according to their preference. final decision was made by hubby. amira wasn't the first choice for all of the brothers but it was ranked quite high by all and was hubby's preferred choice, based on the meaning. syireen was chosen by me, i've had it in my list for 10 years, ever since i was pregnant with amir. 

amira was very small when she was born, 2.7kg on the dot, the smallest of the 5, even smaller than akmal. we, my gynea and i, already knew she won't hit 40 weeks and born on the edd of 4 november 2015. she was 37 weeks when she was born, on hubby's birthday, 17 days before the edd.

because of her size, she could not take in a lot at each feed and can only drink an average of 2oz per feed. sometimes more, sometimes less. her best feed is if its divided into 2 smaller feeds within an hour. she likes a little over 1 oz first, rest for a bit then continue to finish her bottle a short while later. that's her favorite style of feeding and it would let her sleep for 3 hours after.

initially, she drank so little that she would feed every 30 minutes. oh the torture part 1! then she adjusted her feed and i adjusted her feed and she's able to take in more and sleep longer *phew*

amira also hated the air-cond in her first week. she would grumble when she was with hubby and i in my hospital room but slept peacefully when sent to the nursery. at home, she cried and fussed when the air-cond was on that i had to switch it off and sleep with the fan on at night. oh the torture part 2! akmal was the same, no air-cond for a whole month. but that too changed once amira changed her feeding style. now she's ok with the air-cond on, much to akmal's pleasure.

other than those 2 hiccups, alhamdulillah, amira's pretty easy to handle. she's ok with slightly warm milk and cooled milk (since she feeds in 2 parts). she's ok with cool-ish bath water (since we don't have a water heater). she's able to fall asleep on her own without being rocked or patted (like her 3 brothers, except asyraf). she sleeps really well in the morning, enabling me to settle myself, enjoy my breakfast and clean up after the boys, who usually leave the kitchen in somewhat of a mess before leaving for school. she sleeps in the afternoon as well, enabling me to sort out her brothers between school runs.

amira's doted upon by her brothers. no, not because she's a girl but because they really, really wanted a baby to dote upon. they're all around the same age and have never fully experienced a pregnancy and a delivery and a baby in the house. asyraf probably felt he was born with 2 younger brothers. with amira's arrival, its a whole new experience for them - the baby smell, the cries, the bath time, the ickle clothes, the diaper change, the bottle feeding - the boys are enjoying learning everything about babies.

the past 10 days have been quite hectic for the family but is slowly taking shape and calm down. everyone's aware of what they are supposed to do, whether they actually do them or need the parental nagging to get them going, that's besides the point because when do they actually do what they're supposed to do, right?

confinement alone at home is, for me, the best style of confinement. because there's no one hovering over my shoulders, i am almost stress-free at certain times of the day that it transfers to amira (note - stress is always there, don't get me wrong) and makes her so relaxed and calm. it was the same with ariff and akmal. during both times, and this time with amira, i feel energized and refreshed and not at all weak and pressured. of course i do have help, especially with house cleaning and ironing and with my meals (which i prepared before delivery) and i don't overdo any cleaning up that i do partake in during my confinement.

here's to another low-stress and relaxing 7 weeks. engku amira syireen, just stay the way you are, except sleep longer at night.

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