Sunday, October 18, 2015

Akmal's Year-End Concert

akmal have been waiting for this day. he was super excited because, back in may, he was selected to present the opening speech at this year's concert. he practiced diligently for months, hoping to get each pronunciation, each tone, each word right. i kept asking his class teacher if he was doing ok and if there was anything we had to do to help him with his speech, her reply was always the same, he's doing great, he's doing wonderfully. nearer the day, she reminded us to ensure he was well-rested and that he drank plenty of water so that he's able to give his best.

akmal's concert started at 2, we left home around 12.30pm, after the boys' football. akmal had his concert outfit out since the night before and was ready in super fast time when i asked him to shower.

and gave his best, he did. he was excellent and garnered a loud applause. we were so so very proud of him and his hard work. akmal was on cloud nine and could not stop smiling whenever he remembered his speech and the audience's reaction.

this year, akmal and his classmates performed taylor swift's shake it off. he loved that song, after listening to it on a daily basis for two months. he picked up the steps quite fast and would dance for us a few nights a week and let us know of changes and new steps.

after all classes have performed, the pre-3 students had a special sing-a-long and dance, somewhat of a farewell to thank teachers and to thank parents.

alhamdulillah, akmal went home with a huge smile on his face and for the first time ever, was upset that school was off the next day, as he was excited to reminisce the concert with his friends and classmates. after 8 years in a row, we're glad to finally have a breather from kindy concerts for a few years.

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