Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 35 - Fortnightly Check-Ups

i've begun my fortnightly check-ups. the last was two weeks ago and now i'm back at the hospital in such a short notice. if we make it past another week, then we're all set. at least my gynae would be happy i hung on til the 36th week - although i personally am so ready to visit the labour room again.

i haven't been doing much between the last check up two weeks ago as we've had a public holiday and school closure a couple of days due to haze and the mid term school holidays. i do my best errand work when the boys are not around, since they were around we just hung out at home. i did however manage to grab the cot bumper that was on my list on one of our lunch trips and wash two loads of laundry, but that's about it. i thought i'd do more next week once the boys go back to their normal schooling schedule (agama school is still off this week) but every's surprisingly been settled.

this time i took amir & akmal instead of asyraf & ariff. all four boys had the day off courtesy of the haze. i made them decide who wanted to follow me and who wanted to spend time in damansara. amir & akmal chose dsh while the other two chose the d. not much changes this time, still feeling the contractions. pretty much very scheduled contractions, actually. late morning for about an hour and after dinner for about an hour. during those times, the boys have an exciting time looking at my stomach. its become a nightly routine for them to ask me to pull up my shirt and let them see the baby moving around.

i tried to ask for a 3D scan. i didn't do any this time around and now i'm slowly regretting. because my gynae's a bit serious while doing scans during this pregnancy, 3D scans really just took a back seat. i had a clear view of ariff's and akmal's faces last time around and i just don't know how this one looks like. she did not think it was a good idea as the baby is already engaged. the scan only showed the bottom part of the body and it was facing down.

while the baby is engaged, it still wasn't labour time. its only halfway engaged, more contractions to come to make it more engaged over the next couple of weeks. because it has began the engage, the doctor finally decided to talk about dates. that and the fact that the safe 36 weeks period is coming up. she gave me a couple of week and decided on 15 october - later in the week as opposed the earlier due to a public holiday cropping up right in the middle of that week. i wasn't keen on the date as akmal's graduation (a major event in my life) would be mere 3 days after that.

so we decided on 19 or 20 october. 20 is my first choice as i wanted 20 to be the same as asyraf (20 november) and out anniversary (20 february). yes, i'm a stickler for matching mundane things. so yes, that's the date we target. however, i'm to be on my toes in case there are signs before that day - which i hope there's none. at the moment, i am sooo ready to pop but i am controlling myself as i desperately need to be at akmal's graduation.

so that's pretty much it. i've got another check up 2 weeks from now. and then, we'll leave everything in the hands of Allah swt. the boys are excited, i am nervous, hubby's a bit stressed as i'm transferring the boys all to him for two months heh heh...

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