Sunday, September 27, 2015

Second Mid-Term Break 2015

this year's second mid-term break felt like a prolonged holiday, what with the school closure due to the year six exams and then the haze. i have not had to iron the boys' uniform for the longest time…yeay!

on the first day of the holiday i made the boys change their bedsheets and duvet covers. i've been putting off doing them as i could not find the energy. seeing it was a sunny day, i quickly got them to bathe and put them to work. they changed their bedsheets and took down their duvet for me to bring over to the dry cleaners. then i shoved everything in the machine and, once done, got the boys to air them outside.

after lunch they were rewarded with the monopoly (which i had forgotten i bought). they played till hubby came home and took us out for dinner at a new mexican restaurant near home.

i took the boys out for lunch on the second day of the break. i had to get a couple of things at the mall and 1utama is always an obvious choice now that hubby is based nearby. i got them a new monopoly since the junior game doesn't really show them how to buy and charge rent on properties.

hubby was on leave mid-week so i decided to cook for aidiladha the next day. i wasn't planning on cooking as there would be no one to keep an eye on the boys. but since hubby was at home, and the fact that ariff actually requested for nasi himpit and kuah kacang, i decided to spend a bit of time in the kitchen. there was nothing in the pantry and in the fridge so we had to make a quick stop at jaya grocer on the way back from brunch at citta mall.

thursday was aidiladha. hubby, amir and asyraf went to the mosque very early that morning. they stayed on till late morning to see the cows that would be slaughtered on the day. when they came back we had lemang, rendang, nasi himpit and kuah kacang for breakfast.

then we made our way to damansara, stopping by the surau to look at more cows, since ariff and akmal didn't get to see earlier in the day.

on friday, we made a last minute decision to take the boys for a movie and sushi. i actually had to get a haircut and the car had to be washed, so we did all three at the same time. i treated akmal to a haircut and a hair wash to keep me company.

saturday was a surprising day. it was so bright and sunny in the morning, then became all hazy come lunchtime. ariff helped to clean the tv room while hubby did some diy work. asyraf's friend came over for a quick game of monopoly before the news that the boys' football training had to be cancelled.

sunday was still a hazy day. again, football training had to be cancelled but the boys were surprised by their coaches who dropped by the house.

we went to get victoria steak, which i had been craving for since forever. while at the restaurant, ariff received a special surprise from dato siti nurhaliza.

that's the second mid-term break in a nutshell. full of food and family time. now it seems that the break will continue for another couple of days due to the haze. i had plans the first two days which now have to be amended slightly. haze oh haze...

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