Sunday, September 13, 2015

I'm (Still) Reorganising

my reorganizing phase apparently has not stopped. this time its the kitchen. of all the cabinets in the house, the kitchen cabinets are the ones i am not happy with. the cabinets were installed the last when we moved in and by then i was up to my grey hair with unpacking that i shoves everything in with no proper planning. i know they could have been organized better but i was not up to it anymore. i lived with it for two years, changing a few things here and there, every now and then.

last week i went a bit overboard buying lots (and getting lots of free sets) of tupperware.

because they all came in one shot, like it or not, i had to reorganize the kitchen cabinets. i actually wanted to do this later in the year, when i have purchased the boys' lunch boxes and tumblers for school but had to bring it forward. to make space for the new containers, i had to throw out some of the old tumblers and lunch boxes the boys have.

after washing, drying, throwing out the old, putting in the new, the cabinets look better and more organised…

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