Saturday, September 05, 2015

A Day In The Life #1

of engku ariff iqhwan. who played with soap. too much soap, in fact. so much that he slipped. slipped in the bathroom. and hit his head on the shower door edge. and got a big huge cut. that bled all over the bathroom. because he was trying to clean the wound.

we went to the clinic. and the doctor confirmed he needed stitching. 3 stitches on his head. that made him cry out…the ariff who hardly cries in pain. and mummy got a bit choked up too.

so he's with a head covering for a couple of days. and on antibiotics. and have to see the doctor again in a week's time to take out the stitches.

and on the 3rd day, he fell sick. that got worse towards the night. which turned out was due to flu. the wound was healing nicely, actually.

oh the life of a mummy with boys...

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