Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Raya Celebration

we had the odd raya celebration here and there over the past couple of weeks. all three schools have had their jamuan raya over the two fridays after the long holiday.

first was the boys' primary school to have their jamuan. the morning session had a specific menu for each class so whatever amir's class had to bring, his two brothers would be bringing the same, to ease the burden for their mummy. amir's class had to contribute nuggets or drummets with kuih raya. good, those seem easy enough. so i didn't have to spend a lot of time preparing and just had to chuck nuggets into the airfrier before school commenced.

the boys' class teachers were kind enough to share some pictures from the jamuan they had in school. guess they had a blast by the looks of it.

the week after was the jamuan raya in agama school and in akmal's kindy. akmal's extremely excited because he's been waiting a week after seeing his brothers in their baju melayu, bringing food to school and coming home with all the stories.

this time around it was asyraf and ariff who had specific list of food for their classes. asyraf was to bring a heavy dish so i prepared baked pasta. akmal also wanted pasta so that's one meal for two classes. i prepared the pasta and the sauce the day before. the morning of the jamuan, i just combined both into the containers i bought, spread cheese on top and put them in the oven. ariff had to bring nuggets and i added fries to that just to give some variety. amir, who goes to the afternoon session of agama school, had to bring packet drinks so that's a big relief.

the boys were absolutely over the moon with their jamuan raya. they're also asking for more baju melayu because they don't want to repeat the same outfit at both schools *sigh*

as for us, we've been attending a few raya open houses on weekends. we try not to accept too many invitations, i'm not up for going from house to house but we are extremely grateful for the invites we received and are able to attend.

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