Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 24 - Complications Arising

this time i was on time. i left in the morning and prepared myself to spend a few hours at the clinic. it turned out to be only a 2-hour wait, which isn't so bad. i took asyraf and ariff off agama school today to follow me to the clinic.

not sure if its the right decision though, as my gynae was not too happy with my BP reading during the check up. she asked me to calm down and not pay attention to the boys - who were busy running around the clinic and playing with the chairs. after about 5 minutes, she finally got a reading she was happy with. wow…they really do give me high blood pressure, thought i was joking everytime i said that.

not only was the BP reading a concern, my gynae was also not happy with the location of the placenta. she said it was too low, too near the cervix. that could lead to bed rest, if it doesn't move up in the next couple of months, and the possibility of admission and c-sect. she said no traveling, especially during the aidilfitri period. which was ok since i only celebrate in damansara.

she told me to get plenty of rest and to take it easy the next few weeks. yeay…i'm taking myself off kitchen duty for a while. because of the concerns, we forgot to check the gender this time around. oh well…saja je kan.

on a side note, i lost a kg during fasting month. and i managed to fast (so far) the whole of Ramadhan. alhamdulillah. may my fasts be accepted, insyaAllah.

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