Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ramadhan 2015 - Part Two

we're getting to a stage where, while the fasting and time management is getting smoother and easier, the food planning gets more difficult. rice is taken off the list, for sahur and for iftar. we just could not look at rice anymore, particularly white rice. except for asyraf of course, who can't go by a day without rice.

sahur is just simple cereal or toast with any type of spread. hubby has his boiled sweet potatoes. chocolates would accompany our sahur as we had a big delivery recently.

iftar day 19 - mee kari. the boys actually love this but i have to tone down on the spiciness of the curry.

iftar day 20 - grilled lamb, roasted potatoes, salad and spaghetti. lamb looks pretty ugly though.

iftar day 21 - ayam panggang. excellent. had this with veggies and fries.

iftar day 23 - taco french bread pizza, potato salad and snickers shake. this is what happens when you browse through the fb of cooking moms. and bread pudding for later and the day after because i thought the main meal was too light, it wasn't actually.

iftar day 24 - the mihun soup that requires strength of mind to prepare.

iftar day 25 - shepherd's pie, salad and fruits, this time its grapes and mangoes.

iftar day 26 - oven-baked chicken (a family favorite), salad, hash brown, sautéed mushroom and fruits.

sahur day 27 - starting the process of clearing the fridge. leftover chicken soup from the mihun soup, sambal fish and stir fried long beans with some paru that hubby bought.

iftar day 27 - the third time we had iftar outside. the first was at chilis, the second was buffet at klcc and we had our iftar this time at a restaurant in taman tun. ok lah. laksa johor was good. i didn't eat anything else apart from that, i'm not such a buffet person anymore. no pictures of the laksa though, only of us in the cab ride to taman tun.

sahur day 28 - fried fish, petola masak lemak and ayam cili from god knows when.

iftar day 28 - second full meal bought from the pasar ramadhan. the first was a disappointment, asyraf's chicken was not properly cooked, i had loads of sambal on the rice i bought, akmal's mihun was too hot, amir & hubby's nasi kerabu wasn't nice. this time, it was better. roti john, satay, nasi lemak for asyraf and a better nasi kerabu for amir & hubby.

iftar day 29 - after closing the kitchen for a few days, i reopened it by spending hours in it. the final result - beef rendang and pulut kuning which hubby complemented with lemang he bought. lovely meal for the eve of aidilfitri, alhamdulillah.

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