Friday, July 03, 2015

Ramadhan 2015 Part One

alhamdulillah, we've reached the half-way mark for this year's Ramadhan. alhamdulillah, the boys have been great so far. other than amir's normal weak self for the first couple of days, complete with stomach ache and missing school and tuition, the boys have not missed a single day.

i've been cooking for iftar almost daily, except when hubby has his iftar outside. on those days, i get to have something quick and easy aka fast food! rice only lasted a week in our house. i had planned for rice for sahur so that the boys would last longer and be strong throughout the day but after a week, i ran out of ideas of the dishes to cook with rice and the boys can't look at rice anymore. we opted for bread and cereal instead and we're much better for it.

iftar would range though. i get a lot of excitement preparing iftar. although most of the time i'm just pushing myself as i'm too tired but the thought of preparing a table full of food for the boys drove me on. alhamdulillah, apart from a few days here and there, i've managed to prepare home-cooked meals the first half of Ramadhan.

first sahur - rice with daging & potato masak kicap, soup sayur & telur dadar.

iftar day 1 - baked pasta & baked chicken with leftover potato salad. the ever-present fruits, mango & grapes.

our usual kuihs - pulut panggang, onde onde and karipap. 3 types is usually a bit too much and would keep for sahur. 2 types is just nice.

sahur day 2 - kari ikan, samba telur & mixed veggies.

iftar day 3 in damansara - laksa for amir, pasta for akmal, lompat tikam for ariff, kari ikan and ayam panggang for those who want rice.

iftar day 4 - butter rice, beef curry, air fried chicken, hard boiled eggs and veggies.

iftar day 5 - pan-fried salmon, roasted potatoes and sauteed veggies.

iftar day 7 - kuihs to start, chicken rice as main, mangoes for dessert and air longan when the dishes have been cleared.

sahur day 8 - ikan singgang.

iftar day 8 - maggi soup by hubby and sardine rolls by me.

sahur day 9 - rice with petola masak lemak, ikan goreng and asyraf's ayam cili.

iftar day 11 - beef pies to start, beef sandwich as main and watermelon & mangoes for dessert.

iftar day 12 - mexican baked eggs and nachos with ice cream for dessert.

iftar day 14 - steak and veggies for the adults, buyers and fries for the boys. cakes for dessert because i felt like having cakes.


iftar day 15 - very thankful to helly's food republic who sent over nasi daging. asyraf wants to stick to plain rice so he had his with udang masak lemak from sahur earlier in the day.

iftar day 16 - simple rice, ayam kicap and soup telur for mummy and the boys.

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