Saturday, July 18, 2015

Aidilfitri 2015

our aidilfitri preparation began early this year. even though i was completely knackered towards the end of Ramadhan, i pushed myself to get the boys into the raya mood with some cookie making. they started their raya break about 2 days before Ramadhan ended and i kept them occupied, making 2 (very easy) cookies - cornflakes and peanut butter. peanut butter cookies are a favourite of asyraf's and he's been bugging me to make it since last year. because of that i doubled the recipe and made 4 batches. both cookies turned out yummy and the boys stuffed themselves with them once the call for maghrib prayers was heard.

the day before was filled with hubby running around getting the wet groceries and then running around to send some parcels and then running around to cut and prepare the wet items for cooking, with me cooking for hours and with the boys helping (sans asyraf who never helps) to clean the house.

it was a hot day and we opened all the windows and sliding doors and aired the whole house. the boys were being extremely helpful, maybe a bit too helpful, probably since the last day of the fasting month. the cleaned the outside of the house in the morning and the inside of the house later in the afternoon.

hubby went out to the hypermarket to get chicken and beef and veggies (and some stuff for the cats) in the morning and went out to send some parcels during lunchtime. he came back to cut the meat and veggies for me to start cooking once he came home.

i was in the kitchen almost the second half of the day. think i had cankles the size of a globe by the end of the day. i started with making beef rendang and pulut kuning. that was to be our iftar meal so i had to get that out of the way first. once those were done, i had to start on the aidilfitri meal.

we had a quiet and quick iftar. hubby even bought lemang to accompany what i had prepared earlier. once the meal was over, i went back to the kitchen to start on my nasi tomato and dalca. i had another dish, ayam masak merah, but that i kept till the morning.

the boys were treated to an hour of fireworks and sparkles. we didn't take them out during the fasting month. i know some had started on them earlier on but we were pretty knocked out after iftar everyday and fireworks and sparkles with the boys need a lot (and i mean a lot!) of energy. it was nice though, being in the kitchen and hearing them scream and shout with laughter and running around with the sparkles. of course, an hour is more than enough, they were starting to get on our nerves. we quickly got them to take a shower and change into the pajamas and go to bed as we had a full day ahead of us.

the morning started with me getting up very early to finish the meal for the day. i had the rendang and pulut from the day before on the table for hubby, amir and asyraf to have before going for their prayers. in the kitchen i was busy finishing up the beef dalca and the chicken. rice was cooked the night before, so one thing's out of the way.

while the three were at the mosque, i woke ariff and akmal up and gave them a light breakfast. once we were all at home, came the customary aidilfitri morning picture taking. how was this so easy years ago? why is it so difficult now?

we had our meal after that. i didn't know i can make something so delicious!

and then we made our way to damansara to visit my parents.

we were there till after asar and came home to clean up the house and heat up the food as my brother and sisters would be over for dinner. good thing they came as they helped finish most of the food and after a month of a fridge full of food, i wanted to finally see a clear fridge.

on that note, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin from the 6 of us to anyone out there reading my posts, if there are any.


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