Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 20 - Half-way Mark

alhamdulillah, i've crossed the half-way mark of my pregnancy. this visit was shorter than the previous visits. i thought that the last name drop was at 2pm so i picked up amir from school first. it was at 1pm actually so i was an hour late to drop my name. need to adjust my timing for the upcoming check ups then.

i was the last to be called in, not having to wait a long time. i apologized to my gynae, i really got the timing mixed up this time. she asked me about my health, mainly about the breathing difficulties i had a month ago. with sere tide nightly, its become more manageable. i used to wake up at night, gasping for breath. but now i take a puff before going to sleep and its worked wonders.

unfortunately for amir, who came wondering if his new sibling was a boy, the baby was facing downwards the whole time, he would not budge. so gender could not be determined. my gynae asked us to prepare for a girl much to amir's dismay. he did get some consolation in seeing the baby moved and jerk the entire time. very active, just like asyraf.

alhamdulillah, everything looks in order, the due date ranges from 29 october to 3 november from the scans done during all the check ups. i much prefer october and somewhere between akmal's concert and graduation would be perfect, so that i can attend both.

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