Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 16 - Good News

alhamdulillah. the test results from the previous check up came back after a week. everything's looking in order, low risks for all the tests done. low doesn't mean none so the praying continues for a healthy baby and a smooth ride for the next 20 or so weeks.

alhamdulillah too my sniffles have all gone and the itchiness, while if left red marks, have disappeared. i've entered my second trimester and things are looking up now. i have shook off the laziness, i have began cooking again. which is good because the fasting month is coming up and i have plans to cook throughout the month, insyaAllah.

however, my doctor was (more than slightly concerned) when i said i was having trouble breathing, especially late at night. she looked through my records and saw her nebuliser prescription during my previous pregnancies, although they were during the third trimester. she said we can't afford this now and upped my ventolin with seretide.

the visit to my gynae is more on a happier note this time. not too tense as last time. the boys came to see their new sibling this time. it was extremely noisy and they didn't know where to look and what to look for. ariff kept saying he can see the baby's hair. amir kept asking if it was a boy. asyraf was more interested in all the equipment in the doctor's clinic. akmal only wanted his iPod. ok…no more 6 people visits.

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AdanyaKauUntukku said...

i love this moment Puan Akak Salina...
oh my...the four boys were sweeettttttttt


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