Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 12 - Up For The Tests

when i first visited my gynae for this pregnancy, she had a lot to say. more than all the earlier four pregnancies combined. her lengthiest subject was the risks. due to age factor, the risks were higher. she brought up subjects of the many complications, to the mom and to the baby. she gave me a timeline where specific tests would be done. the first was at the 12th week.

this test is called fts - first trimester screening. i would screen for risk of down syndrome mainly but others as well. i went to her clinic first. she did the normal scan but took a longer time looking around. her area of concern was the baby's neck, to see the thickness, i think. it wasn't easy to get a good reading as the baby was jerking up and down.

with that reading, i was asked to go to the lab to get a blood test done and to submit a printed copy of the scan. the queue at the lab wasn't long, i was second in line. but they had to take a couple of tubes of blood so that took a bit of time. the results would be out in a week's time and, if required, most tests must be done before week 14.

we managed to skip through the baby's body while scanning this time. the doctor hinted at something protruding but it was too soon to tell. she did keep a copy of that scan, just in case she as right.

as for me, i've been having some discomfort. i had the sniffles that wouldn't go away, so the doctor prescribed zyrtec to be taken for 10 days. i also had itchiness on my chest, which the doctor said was fungal infection and gave me cream to put for 14 days. other than that, it was mainly fatigue and extreme laziness. i haven't had other problems - no morning (or afternoon or night) sickness, the pain in my hips have gone, nothing major, other than simple ol' laziness.

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