Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New School Year 2015

school reopened a week late this year due to the massive flood the country experienced in late december. the boys took the news kind of half-half. they welcomed another week at home, with their iPods and ps3 but at the same time they missed their friends in school.

the day before school reopened, the boys and i went on an 'organising spree'. we prepared the bags, the uniform, shoes, stationeries; we cleared the laundry (me!) and we set our alarm clocks. this year would be slightly different. amir's in morning session in primary school and afternoon session in agama school. my route would change and my schedule would change.

i was still unsure of what time to leave home in the morning to get amir to school on time yet not too early so that everyone would have time to have a bowl of cereal. i was also unsure of what to do after sending asyraf and ariff to school, before amir's session is let out, and where to park and wait. i'm sure it'll come to me once i get the hang of it.

the morning of the first day of school, the boys woke up easily. but they were all very quiet. i guess all were anxious about going back to school. i first dropped off amir in school. he was the most anxious of the four, surprisingly. he said it was because he did not have his name tag but i'm guessing its more than that - new teachers, new subjects, new schoolmates, being the most junior out of the three years, pick one.

once amir was dropped off (walking extra slowly into the school compound), i drove around the neighbourhood to send akmal to school. this one was a short and sweet trip. asyraf, ariff & i walked akmal to his class where he quickly walked in, put his bag in a corner, said hi to his friends and totally ignored the three of us. oh ok then.

we walked back to our car, me with a heavy heart and asyraf and ariff with a skip in their stride as they can't wait to get to agama school. that's where i spent the longest time. paying fees for 2 boys took almost 2 hours. it does get a bit tired doing this year in, year out and i have to repeat in the afternoon when i send amir *sobs*

by the time i settled paying their fees, we went home to refresh, the boys changed their uniform and we had a quick lunch. we went to pick akmal up who was chattering all the way, telling us about his class, his teacher and his friends. i sent asyraf & ariff to sk and parked all the way in d'bayu as there was virtually no space to wait within 2km of the school. ok, first day of school and all that, i understand. i was stuck in a horrible jam after dropping the boys off and picking up amir that he had to rush to bathe and change his uniform and could only have lunch in the car.

in agama school, it was another long queue to pay the fees. i hope next year we can pay during the school holidays as i have 4 classes to run around to. amir's ustaz did say they wanted to implement that this year but could not for some reason or another. if i could pay during the holidays, then i wouldn't waste so much time next year and can concentrate on monitoring akmal who would be in primary school.

all in all, it was a pretty good first day of school. the only drawback was the terrible horrible traffic and the hours spent to pay the fees at agama school. so boys, have a great year in school, okay? please don't stress your mummy out more than you already have.

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