Friday, January 23, 2015

Fever Time

the first bout of fever, flu and cough of the year hit quite early this year. amir, who seldom fall sick, had it. he first complained about difficulty in breathing after he returned from agama school on tuesday. he stayed indoors that afternoon, not sure because he wasn't up to going out for his usual kick-a-bout or because he wanted to save his energy because he had tuition classes that night.

after he came back from class, he was breathing funny. i took him to the clinic on the way home and the doctor quickly prescribed the nebuliser for him. he was also given the next day off, something he was a bit upset about as he had a trial run that he was looking forward to. but the doctor said his condition would worsen if he participated in the run and that would ruin in chances of going for football during the weekend. so that made him listen.

the next day, amir stayed in and was breathing loudly even after several puffs of ventolin. at the same time, asyraf started coughing and sniffling. he too was given the day off by the doctor. both slept the day away, waking up for meals and medication before going back to sleep.

on thursday, when amir still sounded quite bad, i decided to seek our saviour's help, doctor azizi. amir hasn't seen him in a long time as he's taken all his primary vaccination and have not been terribly ill for a quite a while. he was actually nervous before the doctor called us into his room.

after a long check up, the doctor listen to amir's chest for ages, he gave us an ultimatum, get amir warded so that he can get his four-hourly nebuliser or come back later to do a round at the a&e. thinking about the other boys, and the fact that i would need to go home regardless which option i took, i told the doctor we'll go to the a&e that night. the doctor prescribed amir with a lot of medication. i asked him if amir needed to be tested for asthma, he said, its just a viral fever and flu and cough. so ok, none of the boys are asthmatic to date.

amir was out of commission for 3 days. he was sorely upset that he missed his first school run but was relieved that he was able to join the football training over the weekend.

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