Thursday, January 08, 2015

Double Digit

he's ten!! happy birthday to my first born, engku amir iskandar. i tell you, he's been waiting for this day and counting down for the longest time. i guess turning ten is a big deal to a child. i think it was a big deal to me thirty years ago as i remember i had a huge party at home. i remember pulut kuning and err…that's all i remember actually hah!

anyway, despite the counting down that he did, there wasn't a big hoohaa for him this year. school was pushed back another week due to the flood so he wasn't in school and no friends wished him happy birthday other than virtually via his instagram account. hubby was busy at work after taking a 3-week leave so we only managed to squeeze in a quick dinner for him.

takpe lah amir, let's not get used to having big celebrations, small and intimate dinners with family is more than enough. insyaAllah, i'll probably have a one-shot, all-in-one, combo-four party one of these years (years so that i have a longer deadline).

back to the birthday boy, he's changed so much. he was very difficult the past few years particularly back in 2012 - 2013. i remember those times clearly. it was as though he was fighting with the world, not listening, lazy, rebelling at every thing, picking fights with his brothers, showing his displeasure at everything. i used to distance myself from him because i couldn't take his nasty attitude at that time and he used to get massive scolding from hubby for fighting back.

alhamdulillah, he's gotten more mature, more easy going, more easy to reason with after that period. he's back on form in school - performing in some subjects, slightly below par in some, he's pushed himself with his football - he's been called to practice with the under-12 team, he's starting to eat more and putting on a bit of weight - though he has a long way to go if he wants to continue to play with the under-12 team, he's focused on his interest and have set his sights on what he wants to be when he grows up, he's been really helpful around the house and he's been good preparing his clothes, uniform and school bags (i highly emphasise on this as a starting point of being organised).

he is very into three things at the moment - football, photography and planes.

he still has his bad side. one i can't stand the most is how rough he can be with his brothers. he's very loving on one side, which is wonderful, but he can also be very rough. he kicks and punches his brothers and if he does that with ariff, you can bet both would come out with bumps and bruises - they actually use furniture to hit each other. he is moody and pouts like nobody's business when he's being veto-ed, usually when it comes to the clothes he chose and the hairstyle he wants. sorry, daddy & mummy still decide those things for you.

amir is my sparring partner. gets me irked with his requests, showing his displeasure when i turn him down but quickly overcoming it and coming up to apologise and would repeat 'ok lah, kita dengar cakap mummy'. he's the one i look for when i need to talk to somebody, maybe because he's much more compassionate and can find the words to appease me.

abang long, thank you. because of you, i am open to a whole new world, i read more things, i do research on so many subjects. you take me on a never-ending road of learning and i am grateful for that.

all sorts of amir in the past decade…

and on the day he turns ten, alhamdulillah

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