Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Asyraf's Football Party

asyraf turned 8 last thursday. out of the four, he was the only one who requested to have a party. not exactly sure why because he's not one for get togethers. if its amir or ariff, i'd understand. they're more of a 'people person'.

i wanted to decline his request for a party but approved it after he said its purely a 'main bola' party. ok, that i can handle. i wasn't going to go with a full blown party, especially when his brothers didn't have one.

since we ok-ed his football party, which was to be held on the first weekend of the school holidays - a couple of days after he turned 8, we opted to not have anything on the actual birthday. not even the customary family dinner as hubby was super busy. but at the last minute, a year-end party was planned for his class on his birthday so i felt bad not bringing a cake to school. so i went to get a nice cake from giant and brought it to school for a simple 5-minute candle blowing & cake cutting before the year-end party started.

because asyraf's version of a party is to just play football, i decided to up the ante a bit with some nice invitation and simple deco and a lovely cake, just to have a bit of a theme feel. i didn't want to get too much and too many variety of food since only his friends would be coming and prepared a simple but useful thank you pack with food that everyone would eat.

its supposed to be a party for ariff and asyraf, since their birthdays are close but the guests were more of asyraf and amir's friends - not surprising considering the theme.

a simple birthday celebration for asyraf, that he totally enjoyed.

a big thank you to the people who helped…


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