Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mid-Year School Holiday

the normally two weeks holiday in the middle of the school year somehow became two and a half weeks, this year. i'm not entirely sure why the holiday started on wednesday instead of saturday. oh well, more time at home for mummy to enjoy, yeah right!

to me surprise, the holidays this time around have significantly improved (as it should!). two and a half weeks seem to fly by when you actually know what to do with the stay-at-home kids. the first half week, ariff and akmal went to bicdc's holiday camp. so i was at home with only two who were stuck on their ps3. alhamdulillah.

pictures courtesy of the teachers in bicdc.

during those two days i managed to settle quite a bit of school stuff - i washed the school bags, washed and ironed all school uniforms, washed school ties, got the cleaners (cos i don't do this) to wash all the school shoes, cleaned the boys' school book shelves, replenish school stationeries and bought some activity books with the intention of doing some activities during the holiday. by the time the weekend came, all school stuff have been ticked off and can be put that aside until the last weekend of school holidays.

for the earlier part of the second week, i had to fast. the boys were wonderful to leave me alone with my migraine attacks and weak moments. they let me sleep the afternoon away with very minimal crying, hitting, smacking, fighting-over-toys outbreaks. thank god for the ps3 and playdoh. the later part of the week, we went down to melaka for a much needed break.

the third week of the holiday began the same way, i fasted for three days and asked the boys to leave me alone as the heat were unbearable. towards the end of the week, realizing the holiday was coming to a close, i took the boys out. on thursday, we went to klia to send off my mom, aunt and cousin who had to attend a funeral in kota bharu and on friday, we went out for movies and swimming to counter the hot weather.

i am a bit upset i left a couple of things til the very last minute - haircut for the boys, which means we had to be part of a long, long queue, and ariff's pendidikan islam 80-page homework, which means asyraf had to shadow him while he tried to finish it, after school had resumed.

alhamdulillah, they're getting much better at being at home during holidays. much better than the first holiday we had together back in 2012. that was a horrible time to think about. i can count on one hand the number of times i had to pick up the cane and that made me less stressed.

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