Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Family Wedding

been a bit quiet lately. april and may were long, long months. with schools in full gear post holiday, sports practice on a daily basis at kindy and at the primary school (guess they're trying to settle sports day before the fasting month begins), exams at primary and agama schools, weekends of football friendlies, agama school competitions, add to those the very painful water rationing exercise, the at-times-unbearable heat, blog updating just seem to take a back seat.

as all those start to wind down, it was things at the home ground that started to take off. after 10 years, the house was abuzz with preparation for a wedding. at 40 years old, my older brother, the boys' pappy, decided to settle down with the lady of his dreams.

our family from kota bharu came down for almost a week to help out with the preparation. with the boys' agama school holding exams on the last week of school, we were tied up and could only help out the day before the wedding.

the wedding was held on 24 may, beginning with the akad nikah in the morning, followed by a lovely, lovely lunch (with gorgeous butter haha!) and the tea ceremony in the afternoon.

the day closed with a dinner reception, all held at the same venue, carcosa seri negara. alhamdulillah, all three events went well. it was lovely to see family members and tssc's friends coming bearing doas and well-wishes.

the boys (3 smart, 1 very messy) led the bridal procession into the dinner hall.

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