Thursday, January 30, 2014

Overnight in Kuantan

hubby had an assignment in kuantan. he wanted all of us to come with, so off we went to kuantan. i wasn't really looking forward to the boys missing two days of school, and being cooped up with the boys in a hotel room while hubby works, and missing two days of laundry. but looking at hubby's schedule, i thought maybe following him would not be such a bad idea.

we left for kuantan after breakfast at around 8.30am. the traffic was horrendous especially on nkve but after that it was better. the boys fell asleep once we're on the east coast highway and woke up energetic once we got into kuantan. hubby had a meeting at lunchtime so we waited for him as we could not check in just yet. the boys were antsy and it was probably the longest hour in my life.

once hubby settled his meeting we went for lunch and then checked in. it was a good idea getting a hotel in town rather than by the beach. hubby worked for a while once we got to the room and the boys entertained themselves. we went out for early dinner at teluk cempedak just to show the boys the beach. the wind and waves were quite strong that evening but the food was nice. the boys had second and third helping of rice.

the next morning hubby left very early for his assignment. the boys woke up after 9 and we had a leisurely breakfast. our room faces the pool so i thought it wouldn't be nice not to bring them for a dip. we had to run in and out of the pool though, as it started to drizzle a couple of times.

once hubby returned we went back up to the room, had a bath and checked out. we had a quick lunch at the mall in front of the hotel before making our way back home. we wanted to avoid the evening rush hour and made it back in time before it started.

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