Thursday, January 09, 2014

First Week of School 2014

its been a week since school resumed. kinda weird starting school on a thursday but good actually, since i noticed most parents only took leave on the first two days of school, thursday & friday. and that gave the first full week to us stay-at-home parents to drop by during break time.

first day of school was tiring. i never spent 7 hours in school before. it started with a quick drop off at BiCDC for akmal, then i was at SRA for 3 hours in the morning. got home to prepare lunch and prepare the boys for school.

then it was SK in the afternoon. i didn't intend to stay too long but when we got to SK there were so so soooo many cars, we had to park so far away. the thought of walking back to the car then coming back and parking still so far away and walking back to school was worse than actually sitting in the canteen waiting for ariff's recess time. then i thought, well, since i'm here, might as well wait to see asyraf and then amir to have their break. lo and behold, it was already 4.30pm and i've spent 4 hours in the canteen.

the second day of school was much better. i dropped the boys at SRA before making my way to BiCDC with akmal. since i didn't get to see him in his new class the day before, i wanted to send him but he said he could go in on his own (oh no my baby *sobs*). i went for a quick breakfast before making my way back to SRA for ariff's recess.

good thing SK starts later than usual on fridays so i had time to make the boys rice with ayam kicap and soup telur for lunch. and after sending the boys to SK it wasn't a long wait before ariff comes out for his recess.

this week is more easy going. ariff's gotten used to school, he's easy going, pretty relaxed, not at all interested in buying food in school, asks for simple roti nutella or roti butter in his lunch box for me to bring. there's not many parents around during recess and i've gotten the right timing to avoid the crowd when i send and pick the boys up. and akmal's gotten back his nap time routine during the afternoons, alhamdulillah.

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Anonymous said...

Suka sgt baca ur stories.. Lepas baca blog ni mesti rasa nak kemas rumah.. Basuh kain.. lipat kain laju2 hihi.. I pun SAHM .. With 5 kids age 8-3..Tapi still tak mampu nak buat kerja organized mcm u.. :(.. Still learning..- lin


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