Monday, December 30, 2013

Year One Orientation

my third Year One orientation in three years. the first that i went to without hubby who had to work, the first that i went to with the boys in tow because our resident babysitter was on holiday, the first that i'll actually write about - don't know why i haven't blogged about the other two.

anyway, i was ready very early for this. it started at 8am but i told the boys we'll have to leave by 7.15am latest. of course, we left at 7.30am. we got to school 5 minutes after and i got a nice parking right in front of the gate. i came prepared, i brought along chocolate rolls for breakfast (but without water!) and fully charged iPods. but we were too early that the teachers were not even at the counters. they opened them while we were having breakfast and when i got to the counter for ariff's class, there were already 2 parents ahead of me. oh well, better than the number 20+ i got last year.

ariff was quiet throughout. he only asked a handful of questions, not at all like the ariff we know. we sat towards the back because i was not in the mood to listen to the teachers babble on and on. the boys were already hooked on the iPods and ariff was looking all pensive and nervous. when they called out for the students to line up according to class, i took ariff over to his fellow classmates. the class teacher (who was asyraf's year one teacher) and the assistant teacher went around giving the students their identification tags.

then the children went up to their respective classes and the parents had to endure hours of lecture. asyraf followed auntie lily to the canteen but i was preoccupied with something else and with akmal who refused to move (izzat malu lah dengan auntie lily *grrr*). when they got back, the first lecture was still ongoing, and by the time the second lecture ended we got totally bored and went up to the classroom for payment and registration. ariff's class teacher gave a brief introduction about herself, the payment and the forms/files that she distributed. payment was collected quite fast and i went down to ariff's classroom to pick him up.

ariff had to do an assessment, english and maths he said. according to him, he could answer them but emphasized on him being a good boy rather than the work he had done. oh well…its ariff. i hope the assessment wasn't too difficult for him to do.

since i never had an entry about amir and asyraf's orientation, thought i'd add some photos of them here…

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